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Off plan project in Egypt Marsa Alam - Oriental Coast.


Oriental Coast soon to be built resorts and hotels combine elegance, class, and luxury. Providing the finest facilities and amenities, as well as a casino, rejuvenating international spas, and full panoramic sea views, Oriental Coast is a fully integrated resort that captivates with residential villas, luxury apartments and over, 4200 hotel rooms
that attract more than 12,000 visitors year-round to Marsa Allam.
With 17 luxurious hotels, residencies, an outstanding 18 hole golf course, convention center, downtown area, and a delightful
marina, Oriental Coast certainly caters to all sorts of visitors. If you are looking to have a pleasant stay you can choose from 3-5
star hotels, furnished apartments and warm villas.

The remarkable beach-front villas at Las Cabanas are fully equipped to suit your personal needs, with many perks that will
certianly put you at ease. We have carefully built the units with maximum spacing and allowing the pouring of natural sunlight,
which makes it the perfect canvas in creating your dream home.
Size of villas - 140,5 m2 - 226 m2 with private garden.
Price - 1200 $ per 1 m2.

Only we, at Las Cabanas, have achieved such exemplary recognition internationally for our custom built apartments, making
us the unparalleled leader in the field. We will make sure every aspect of your day is exactly how you have pictured it. Whether
you are in the comfort of your garden, gazing at the gorgeous greenery all around you, relaxing by the beach, or watching the
sapphire blue waters galloping onto the shore, we guarantee that your day will be the most tranquil, ever.
Size of apartments:
1 bedroom flat - 41 m2, 47.5 m2, 56 m2, 57 m2;
2 bedrooms flat - 60.5 m2, 77.5 m2, 85.5 m2;
3 bedrooms flat - 86 m2, 91.5 m2,  101.5 m2.
Price - start from 800 $ per 1 m2.

Our fully furnished and equipped apartments can be used as hotel apartments to be rented for the benefit of its owners. Luxury
apartment is serviced with housekeeping and will be sold with a rental guarantee. All apartments are fenced to ensure privacy,
and have their own swimming pool. Within the compound, there is a clubhouse, which contains a swimming pool, restaurant,
lounge area, hair stylist, health club, a Bedouin cafeteria, and shops. There is also an 800-meter long beach furnished with
umbrellas and chaise lounges served by the beach cafeteria.


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