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Legal services - property in egypt, legal support of real estate in egypt.

Buying Property in Egypt, buying process in Egypt.

You select one or more suitable for you at our web site and let us know about this (just send us an e-mail). We will check is this property still available for sale or no, if no try to find and offer for you another property for sale in sharm el sheikh. Or you come and pick on the spot. After that, you are traveling to Egypt to inspect objects and issue the sale contract.

We can arrange your meeting at the airport of Sharm El Sheikh or Cairo. Russian, Italy, English, Arabic-speaking employees of our property agents will wait for you with a sign on which is written your name, as well as provide you with the transfer (if this is agreed in advance).

We agree on viewing objects at a convenient time for you. Inspect facilities and stop at one of the options available. For reservation facility in solving egypt real estate purchase without going to Egypt, to pay pre-payment - booking.

After determining the object of buying property in Egypt in our office is a contract with our company attorney for legal services in egypt and the legal support in egypt of the transaction and its legal property registration (cost of services of a lawyer is 16500 Le, which is equivalent to 1000 $).

All contracts are made in English and Arabic languages; there are Russian, Italy, Ehglish, Arabic-speaking lawyers in our Egypt Real Estate Co. On the same day at the notary public in the name of one of the lawyers of our company issued power of attorney to represent your interests relating to the sale and registration of real estate in Egypt in the court. Attorney prior to making a notary public will need to obtain non-touristic visa, which entitles you to perform legal actions such as issuing a power of attorney, this will help you to our lawyers, and it will be enough for your presence with your foreign passport and your photos. Our egyption lawyers from big famous Law firm in Cairo assist you in all steps. Next is the purchase the sale contract, which specifies the subject and conditions of purchase, the responsibility of the parties, and penalties.

Payment should be made for the object of sale, and under the contract - fees for lawyer. In the case of a deposit or installment payment is the initial sale agreement. If full payment it will be the final sale contract.

Registration of sale and purchase agreement in the court carried out within 3 - 6 months.

Rent your apartment in Egypt.

If you want to rent your real estate in egypt contact us. We will fully serve the housing - to maintain order in the territory to find and solve all issues with tenants, and in the future - and to promote the sale of this. Owners and management company enter into a contract, where the prescribed details of the parties, the cost and term of lease, liability, etc . It should be noted that in the rental price usually does not include the cost of electricity and water.

Maintenance of real estate in Egypt (registration property in egypt, purchase property sharm el sheikh, sale property in egypt, selection of the tenant, payment of utility bills, selection of furniture, appliances, repairs, etc.)

Our company performs well when the client wishes - Full Property Management in Egypt during the absence of the owner, such as paying utility bills, rent (search for a tenant, a lease contract, control of payments and real estate), carry out repairs in the apartment / villa (re-planning , including in your design), from economy to super-class control over the construction work, assist in selecting and purchasing or ordering of furniture, appliances, etc.

Preparing and submit tax declaration of real estate in Egypt (NEW).

Since 2010, the Egyptian government introduced an annual tax on real estate Egypt. Tax registration and declaration shall be subject to all the completed and completed properties irrespective of their value. Declaration to be submitted in person or by proxy, which require authorization and a copy of the sale contract, our company, represented by professional Egyptian lawyers provide services to its customers by putting tax declarations to tax department of Egypt.

In case of violation of filing a tax declaration of real estate in egypt on the owner may be pay penalty from 200 to 2000 Egyptian pounds (35 – 350 $).

Order submitting tax declarationof real estate in egypt through our company.

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