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Benefits of Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is the best place for you to buy property in egypt.

Sharm El Sheikh - a fabulous place to "moon" desert landscapes and emerald satin Sea is located in the south of the Sinai Peninsula, bathed by the waters of the Gulf of the Red Sea - Aqaba and Suez. By the way, Sharm el Sheikh is not translated into many languages as "an enchanted Sheikh." Literal translation - "Bedouin creek." However, there are other translation – «the royal bay». Initially, as the resort of Sharm elSheikh was opened by Israelis. Prior to that lived here only the Bedouins. After the Israeli occupation of the Sinai Peninsula were built the first hotel and then resort begins its rapid development. Today's Sharm El Sheikh is a resort area, which stretches along the Red Sea about 35 km.

Sharm El Sheikh - a paradise for divers. Here are many berths and always a lot of boats still Sharm El Sheikh - the center of the world of diving. From the hotel boats are not allowed to depart only from the port. Therefore, all the trips to Ras Mohammed or Tiran Island begins from here.  In steep shores of the bay organically embedded low white hotels. The buildings are constructed so that the windows of most rooms issea view. Now there are about 150 hotels, and their number is constantly growing. Most "old" around 10 years old only. They do not have time to date neither morally nor physically. The population of Sharm el Sheikh is about 10 thousand people, it's mostly service personnel staff, who are working on a rotational basis. Therefore, in Sharm el Sheikh not bother to beggars and absolutely no crime.

Now, Sharm el Sheikh has grown into the most prestigious seaside resorts of Egypt. In Sharm el Sheikh enjoys relaxing the president of Egypt, Sheikh of Saudi Arabia, King of Jordan and other dignitaries. Continuous series of global hotel chains like Hilton, Savoy, Four Seasons, Movenpick, Marriot, Sheraton, Laguna Vista, enclosed protected residential complexes, luxury villas, recreation and entertainment venues. In Sharm el Sheikh international meetings are often held at the level of Heads of State and members of governments from different countries, as well as international conferences. It is no coincidence, since the security system established in the South Sinai is excellent.

The beaches of the picturesque bays of Naama Bay, Sharm El Maya and Shark Bay are built up with luxury hotels: Sharm El Sheikh resort is not cheap (but still on the Egyptian, rather than, say, French standards) and the prestigious (now by world standards). Tourist resort center - Naama Bay, the oldest and well-organized part of the Sharm el Sheikh. That starts with the construction of the resort. Now, Naama Bay, consists of a string of hotels, standing in three rows along the sea. There is also a hub and night life - street, 3 km long with restaurants, cafes, discos and shops. However, it is also the center and throughout daily life, which is not directly connected with the sea. Night life is famous for its disco, bars, nightclubs, casinos and entertainment concepts. Here, the duty free shop, a bowling center and even a skating rink with artificial ice. Clean Gulf is supported by special environmental services. This is the only place where forbidden berth marine boats, fishing and even feed fish from the shore. Here you can directly from the beach to swim with a mask and flippers to indulge themselves in unique underwater beauty. On the other side, towards the airport in the town of Ras Nasrani is another bay, which has become popular recently because of new hotels have opened here. Hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh are also located in the sandy bays of Bay City and Garden Bay and the coral hills - such as Ras um Sid and Rasim Nabek.

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